Ashland 993, Wyndham 828

Posted by Ashland Barracudas on Jul 08 2020 at 07:43PM PDT

Ashland defeated Wyndham by a score of 993-828. Results by division were as follows:
Novice: Ashland 573, Wyndham 425
Advanced: Wyndham 63, Ashland 28
Junior Varsity: Ashland 66, Wyndham 61
Varsity: Ashland 80, Wyndham 61
Senior Varsity: Ashland 88, Wyndham 84
Advanced Relays: Ashland 90, Wyndham 82
Senior Varsity Relays: Ashland 68, Wyndham 52

Here are performances of note. We will update with triple and quad winners after the meet is merged.
Christine Datovech broke the GRAL league record in 13/14 girls’ 50 free, which will also obviously be a new team record and pool record also. She also broke the team record In 50 fly.
Michael Sabo broke team records in 9/10 boys’ 100 free, 50 fly, and 50 free.
Thomas Senfield broke the team record in 11/12 boys’ 100 free.
Grace Gordon, Emma Medei, Molly Hoben, and Thomas Senfield broke the team record for 11/12 200 free relay.

Ashland pool records were set by the following swimmers in the following events:
Christine Datovech 13/14 girls’ 50 fly, 50 free
Molly Hoben 11/12 girls’ 100 free
Andi Medei 6/under girls’ 25 free
Michael Sabo 9/10 boys’ 50 fly, 50 free
Molly Sabo 8/under girls’ 50 free, 25 free
Thomas Senfield 11/12 boys’ 100 free, 50 fly, 50 free
Gavin Yonce 8/under boys’ 50 free
Andi Medei, Maxwell Griffin, Gavin Yonce, Molly Sabo 8/under 100 free relay
Grace Gordon, Emma Medei, Molly Hoben, Thomas Senfield 11/12 200 free relay

The following swimmers earned championship meet qualifying times: Jillian Allen, Kate Balut, Christine Datovech, Paul Datovech, Mark Dinger, Grace Gordon, Duke Flanagan, Molly Hoben, Emma Medei, Maddie Medei, Emmeline Roberts, Michael Sabo, Molly Sabo, Andrew Senfield, Samantha Senfield, Thomas Senfield, Carolyn Wright, and Gavin Yonce.

Quadruple winners were: Molly Hoben, Davis, Luck, Emma Medei, Samantha Senfield, and Thomas Senfield.

Triple winners were: Christine Datovech, Paul Datovech, Duke Flanagan, Grace Gordon, Andi Medei, Emmeline Roberts, Carolyn Wright, and Gavin Yonce.