Ashcreek 1036, Ashland 952

Posted by Ashland Barracudas on Jul 01 2021 at 04:28PM PDT

Breakdown by division was:
Novice: Ashcreek 670, Ashland 418
Advanced: Ashland 117, Ashcreek 93
Junior Varsity: Ashcreek 75, Ashland 66
Varsity: Ashland 63, Ashcreek 28
Senior Varsity: Ashland 122, Ashcreek 14
Advanced Relays: Ashcreek 112, Ashland 92
Senior Varsity Relays: Ashland 74, Ashcreek 44

Christine Datovech broke the team record in 15/18 girls’ 50 freestyle.

Christine also broke the pool record for 50 freestyle as well as the pool record for 15/18 girls’ 100 backstroke. Paul Datovech broke pool records for 15/18 boys’ 100 back and 100 fly. Mark Dinger broke the pool record for 15/18 boys’ 50 breaststroke. Thomas Senfield broke pool records for 13/14 boys’ 50 freestyle and 50 breaststroke. Grace Gordon, Maddie Medei, Thomas Senfield, and Kate Balut broke the pool record for 13/14 200 medley relay. Paul Datovech, Mark Dinger, Christine Datovech, and Davis Luck broke the pool record for 15/18 200 medley relay.

Quadruple winners were: Christine Datovech, Mark Dinger, Grace Gordon, Davis Luck, Selah Mauney, Eloise McCall, Emma Medei, Maddie Medei, TYler Rhyne, and Thomas Senfield.

Triple winners were: Caden Arnold, Kate Balut, Paul Datovech, Theo Dingman, Haley Gordon, Andrew McCall, Caelin O’Connell, Emmeline Roberts, and Gavin Yonce.

New championship meet qualifiers from this meet were: Davis Luck and Eloise McCall.