The Banquet is Wednesday!

Posted by Ashland Barracudas on Jul 24 2022 at 01:54PM PDT

We will gather at 6:00 on Wednesday at the pool for a potluck dinner, awards, competition, and fun.  Here’s what’s up…

Bring a dish or two to share with the team.  It can be an app, main dish, side, or dessert.  The team will supply water, and we can make it into a picnic in the park or on the pool deck.  (Note: There will be some YMCA swim lessons overlapping with this portion of the event, so we’ll stay on the opposite end of the pool deck.  No worries.)

During the awards portion, new swimmers will receive a plaque and year plate to document team participation this year and in the future, and returning swimmers will receive the 2022 plate for their plaques.  We will also recognize a long time parent volunteer with our team’s Ron Des Roches Award.  Finally the Hess family will join us as we present our team’s single individual award, the Jamie Hess Award.

This year we will have a Noodle Rafting competition.  This will be a family race to see who can engineer water travel most cleverly with minimal equipment.  There’s already an intra-family rivalry regarding which branch of the Des Roches family tree- Flanagans, Des Rocheses, or Yonces- will prevail within their own family… or if the in-law Glovers will steal the win.  Of course your raft could outdo all of them and win the whole thing!  We’ve been getting questions about the race, so here are actual rules…

  • Build your raft at home
  • The only materials you can use are pool noodles and duct tape
  • Paddles are allowed but must be made from pool noodle and duct tape
  • You can change the shape of your pool noodle to fit your raft. You can cut them, fold them, stack them, it’s up to you as long as it’s only made of pool noodles and duct tape
  • There will be a sign up at the banquet as an individual or team to race. We will assign events after everyone is registered.

After the raft competition, we’ll have open swim for kids and families until it gets dark.

Hoping you can make it.