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Here is a Word doc containing this week’s Barracuda Bits. It has a lot of important information for the meet this week at Rockville.

The document July_5.docx was attached to this post.

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Ashcreek 1036, Ashland 952

Posted by Ashland Barracudas at Jul 1, 2021 4:28PM PDT

Breakdown by division was:
Novice: Ashcreek 670, Ashland 418
Advanced: Ashland 117, Ashcreek 93
Junior Varsity: Ashcreek 75, Ashland 66
Varsity: Ashland 63, Ashcreek 28
Senior Varsity: Ashland 122, Ashcreek 14
Advanced Relays: Ashcreek 112, Ashland 92
Senior Varsity Relays: Ashland 74, Ashcreek 44

Christine Datovech broke the team record in 15/18 girls’ 50 freestyle.

Christine also broke the pool record for 50 freestyle as well as the pool record for 15/18 girls’ 100 backstroke. Paul Datovech broke pool records for 15/18 boys’ 100 back and 100 fly. Mark Dinger broke the pool record for 15/18 boys’ 50 breaststroke. Thomas Senfield broke pool records for 13/14 boys’ 50 freestyle and 50 breaststroke. Grace Gordon, Maddie Medei, Thomas Senfield, and Kate Balut broke the pool record for 13/14 200 medley relay. Paul Datovech, Mark Dinger, Christine Datovech, and Davis Luck broke the pool record for 15/18 200 medley relay.

Quadruple winners were: Christine Datovech, Mark Dinger, Grace Gordon, Davis Luck, Selah Mauney, Eloise McCall, Emma Medei, Maddie Medei, TYler Rhyne, and Thomas Senfield.

Triple winners were: Caden Arnold, Kate Balut, Paul Datovech, Theo Dingman, Haley Gordon, Andrew McCall, Caelin O’Connell, Emmeline Roberts, and Gavin Yonce.

New championship meet qualifiers from this meet were: Davis Luck and Eloise McCall.

Here is an attachment of this week’s Barracuda Bits. There’s a new format this week in hopes of simplifying the communication. Your email copy will be in a Google Doc so that you can share it more easily with your swimmers. Info this week includes:

Update on the Hess Swim Marathon
Information on the Ashcreek meet this week
Report on the Atlee meet last week
Important upcoming dates

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Ashland 1084, Atlee 986

Posted by Ashland Barracudas at Jun 23, 2021 9:06PM PDT

Division breakdown was as follows:
Novice: Ashland 612, Atlee 464
Advanced: Atlee 153, Ashland 100
Junior Varsity: Atlee 82, Ashland 38
Varsity: Ashland 101, Atlee 97
Senior Varsity: Ashland 49, Atlee 40
Advanced Relays: Ashland 128, Atlee 80
Senior Varsity Relays: Atlee Ashland 56

Thomas Senfield broke pool records in 13/14 boys’ 50 back and 100 free. Two Atlee swimmers broke pool records.

Quadruple winners were: Kate Balut, Duke Flanagan, Maddie Medei, Thomas Senfield, and Wesley Tucker.

Triple winners were: Mark Dinger, Grace Gordon, Davis Luck, Andrew McCall, Andi Medei, Emma Medei, Ben Morgan, and Tyler Rhyne.

Andrew McCall qualified for the championship meet.

Lots of information this week. Be sure to check out the latest edition. Particularly important:

  • Information about our in-person meet against Atlee
  • Information about Friday’s Hess Swim Marathon