Hungary Creek 1474.5, Ashland 1064.5

Posted by Ashland Barracudas on Jul 12 2023 at 09:35PM PDT

Division breakdown was as follows:
Novice: Ashland 571.5, Hungary Creek 529.5
Advanced: Hungary Creek 221, Ashland 131
Junior Varsity: Hungary Creek 245, Ashland 63
Varsity: Hungary Creek 123, Ashland 95
Senior Varsity: Hungary Creek 154, Ashland 54
Advanced Relays: Hungary Creek 112, Ashland 102
Senior Varsity Relays: Hungary Creek 110, Ashland 48

Ava Fletcher qualified for the Championship Meet.

Quadruple winner was: Andrew Senfield.

Triple winners were: Eloise McCall, Molly McCall, Tyler McDaniel, Skylar Metzinger, and Ben Morgan.

These swimmers had Golden Meets: Avery Arnold, Sebastian Davidson, Keigen Des Roches, Ava Fletcher, Carmen Holcombe, Olive Inge, Linda Longest, Josh Masoka, Colton Meador, Sadie Meador, Olivia Parris, Andrew Senfield, Kennedy Smith, Payton Smithwick, and Annice Topich.