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Ashland 1245, Raintree 1156

Posted by Ashland Barracudas at Jun 12, 2024 10:31PM PDT

Breakdown by division was as follows:
Novice: Ashland 574, Raintree 479
Advanced: Ashland 186, Raintree 158
Junior Varsity: Raintree 132, Ashland 111
Varsity: Raintree 115, Ashland 103
Senior Varsity: Raintree 110, Ashland 85
Advanced Relays: Raintree 98, Ashland 92
Senior Varsity Relays: Ashland 94, Raintree 64

Skylar Metzinger set a pool record in 11/12 girls’ 100 IM. A Raintree swimmer and a Raintree relay each broke one pool record as well.

The following swimmers qualified for the Championship Meet: Caden Arnold, Kate Balut, Sebastian Davidson, Duke Flanagan, Grace Gordon, Linda Longest, Selah Mauney, Raleigh Thomasson, and Lucas Young.

Quadruple winners were: Christine Datovech, Theo Dingman, Violet Lambert, Jonathan Morgan, and Thomas Senfield.

Triple winners were: Caden Arnold, Evan Bellino, Briar Blankenship, Chloe Brown, Duke Flanagan, Andi Medei, and Cerys O’Sullivan.

The following swimmers had Golden Meets, meaning that they improved their times in all of their events:

  • Caden Arnold
  • Trey Claytor
  • Keigen Des Roches
  • Bash Des Roches
  • Stella Diep
  • Ava Fletcher
  • Claeb Flanagan
  • Courtney Florin
  • Natalie Florin
  • Caleb Givens
  • Carmen Holcombe
  • Hadleigh Keeton
  • Maya Krodel
  • Violet Lambert
  • Molly McCall
  • Tyler McDaniel
  • Andi Medei
  • Teddy Myers
  • Kate Northcraft
  • Rhys O’Sullivan
  • Cerys O’Sullivan
  • Amelia Smith
  • Payton Smithwick
  • Lucas Swager
  • Brooke Thomasson
  • Raleigh Thomasson
  • Aaron Toscano
  • Lucas Young

Don’t forget that we will do individual/family and team pictures this Thursday at practice. We will take the team picture at 9:00- between the first two practices. Check the DOCUMENTS link above for a QR code with information about ordering!

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Posted by Ashland Barracudas at Jun 9, 2024 6:29AM PDT

In this week’s Barracuda Bits:

  • Results of the Hungary Creek Meet
  • Information for the Raintree Meet
  • We need a second Remind list
  • The Apparel Store is re-opened!
  • Team Pictures are this week
  • Thanking Lidl for the pancakes
  • Swim Marathon information
  • Fundraising Update

Click here to access this week’s Barracuda Bits

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Hungary Creek 1187.5, Ashland 994.5

Posted by Ashland Barracudas at Jun 8, 2024 4:00PM PDT

Breakdown by division was as follows:

Novice: Ashland 545.5, Hungary Creek 543.5
Advanced: Ashland 117, Hungary Creek 99
Junior Varsity: Hungary Creek 137, Ashland 56
Varsity: Ashland 82, Hungary Creek 69
Senior Varsity: Hungary Creek 153, Ashland 62
Advanced Relays: Hungary Creek 106, Ashland 100
Senior Varsity Relays: Hungary Creek 80, Ashland 42

Christine Datovech broke pool records in 15/18 girls’ 50 back and 50 fly- both by substantial margins.

Championship meet qualifiers from this meet were Evan Bellino, Chloe Brown, Christine Datovech, Caroline Diep, Casey Dingman, Theo Dingman, Violet Lambert, Andrew McCall, Eloise McCall, Tyler McDaniel, Will McDaniel, Andi Medei, Emma Medei, Maddie Medei, Skylar Metzinger, Jonathan Morgan, Parker Nixon, Thomas Senfield, Amelia Smith, and Lucas Swager. (Swimmers with underlined names are first time Champs qualifiers for our team.)

Quadruple winners were: Christine Datovech, Theo Dingmans, Liam Fairbanks, and Skylar Metzinger.

Triple winners were: Casey Dingman, Will McDaniel, Andi Medei, Jonathan Morgan, Hunter Schrum, Thomas Senfield, Amelia Smith, and Dario Snead.

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Posted by Ashland Barracudas at Jun 2, 2024 1:17PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Your first issue of Barracuda Bits is now posted. You will get a copy on your Barracudas email each week, and the Bits will also be posted here as well. So parents and swimmers will have access to all of this information. Please read the entire Bits each week as there will be information regarding the coming week as well as several weeks in advance.

In this issue of the Bits, you’ll fine information about:

  • Summer Practice Times
  • Website Use
  • Remind
  • Swimming in Division I
  • Hungary Creek Meet (this section is so important)
  • Meet Absences
  • Team Pictures
  • New Ribbon Distribution Policy
  • Jamie Hess Swim Marathon
  • Fundraising Events
  • Congratulating our Graduates!

Click here for this week’s Barracuda Bits.